Mammalian MAPK signalling pathways

Below is an image map of the main components of the signal transduction pathways that are structurally related to the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway. Click on any of the objects to learn more about each gene product and the various interactions.

Signalling map

Agonists: [stresses][mitogens][neurotrophins][inflammatory cytokines][CD40]

The MAPK pathway: [receptor-tyrosine kinases][Grb-2][mSOS][Ras][Raf][MEK][MAPKs][Rsk1]

The SAPK pathway: [Rac and Cdc42][HPK][GCK][MLK3][MEKK][SEK][SAPKs]

The p38 pathway: [PAK][MEKK-X?][MKK3 and 6][p38][MAPKAP kinase-2]

Targets: [Elk1][c-Jun][ATF-2][HSP27]

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